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Move Better to Feel Better.

Movement & Motion reminds us to open our hearts to the love and light of the Lord and to always remember that movement is our best medicine.



Our Mission

At Movement & Motion LLC, our mission is to reduce pain and increase strength and stability by remapping the body with Intelligent Exercise and Slings Myofascial Training. Our tension and release technique builds stronger collagen and elastin, enhances awareness, creates movement ease, and brings conscious movement to the body. We love on the body by creating a healthy, hydrated fascial fabric system.


Jency Carson - Movement Professional

Growing up as a beach girl in South Texas, my days were filled with fun and stimulating movement on and off the sand. My curiosities for movement grew and lead me into gymnastics and ballet where my journey for fitness began. I too have followed different fitness trends, such as CrossFit, boot camp and other strength training techniques thinking the harder I worked out the healthier I would be. Then as I grew older, I realized I was only abusing my body and causing more inflammation. Now, knowing the building blocks of movement begin with the simple things like stretching and breathing, my passion is to help others move better to feel better!


As a certified registered yoga teacher, I furthered my training with Anatomy Trains in Motion and The Art of Motion Academy, specializing in intelligent exercise and Slings Myofascial Training (SMT). As a certified movement professional, I am confident in helping you with your individual needs! My passion for movement and the Lord commingles in a gentle, loving, encouraging rhythm that transitions our everyday life.


Everyone is Individually unique and created beautiful in God’s image. We are all different in size, shape and form and all have diverse personal wellness goals. As a certified Slings Myofascial Training Level 1 Practitioner, my focus is to help you find the best way to achieve greater mobility, stability, flexibility and movement ease. My philosophy, “Love on the body,” combined with my approach will help you rejuvenate and revitalize your quality of life!


Let’s “Move Better to Feel Better!”




Jency Carson



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